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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crappy Haircut

Now I know that everyone at one point in their lives has walked out of the hair stylist, looked in the car's rearview mirror for a quick inspection, and burst into tears. I myself have raced home from the beauty salon and started hacking away furiously with a pair of kitchen scissors to try to undo some of the haircut mishap damage. (FYI, this doesn't work.)

Hell, I've had my bestie give me a short haircut in 8th grade, which incidentally turned my head into a giant mushroom cloud. Once in high school, we even decided it would be a great idea to color our hair pumpkin orange, which I quickly realized didn't look great with my skin tone or ANY outfit you could ever possibly purchase.

But I must say, I've never had a shitty haircut quite like this one:

I've also never seen a turd fashioned out of hair before, but I guess I can check that off my "things to experience before I die" list.