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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

True Story Tuesday: Mommy's Keg Stand

I would like to give a shout out to our beloved follower, Jess,
for telling us to get off our asses and blogificate again.
This one's for you!

So, my brother graduated from college over the weekend.
Afterwards, he held the obligatory keg party in which family and friends attended.
Hilarity ensued when my mother, who in high school was known as "Two Can Judy"
decided it might be a nice time, at the tender age of 56, to do her first Keg Stand.

It was amazing! She even had good form! Someone came running up with their camera and said, "awwwww. I totally missed it," to which my mother replied, "I'll do it again!!!"

And so she did.

NOTE: Apologies for the audio. This was taken hastily with my camera phone, and somehow between my camera and my computer, the audio took a turn for the worse.
Although, I personally think it adds a little something to the video!

Notice the stumbling afterwards. And at the very end... is that a possible upchuck?


  1. That's pretty much the coolest shit ever!!!! The stumbling is sooooo the best part! MOM rocks!

  2. ohhhh my god...hahaha I can't even imagine my mom doing a keg stand! I'VE never even done a keg stand! I'm too scared hahah. And I don't like beer, so that wouldn't work very well.
    And I'm glad I got you guys back on your feet haha!