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Friday, January 9, 2009


LOLs should really be used more often and need to be incorporated into everyday life. Phrases such as "I LOLed my ass off" and "I'm LOLlygagging" should be used by all periodically throughout the day. Here are some of our other fave useages of LOL:

**LOLburger Helper
**LOLlypop guild
**Deck the LOLs with boughs of holly, fLOL la la la la la la la la
**More LOL Bell!
**The list goes LOLn and LOLn.........

Please feel free to add your own LOLs to the list!


  1. ^^Dudesies, that just might's the best one yet!

    LOLlaby & goodnight.

  2. I had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle my cackles at work on that one!

  3. This made me LOL my bung off...