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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unbung Heroes Part One:

Welcome to the first Special Edition Made-for-Blogging Mini-Series of the Bung Blog - Unbung Heroes. In this series, we will introduce you to the people, places, and things... Okay, we will introduce you to NOUNS that have touched our bungy hearts and made us laugh until our bungholes puckered. Ultimately, these nouns have forever changed our lives - or at least our e-mail conversation for the afternoon.

The Unbung Heroes I will now introduce to you are nameless... We do not know them, we only know how fucking cool they are on YouTube. This brings us back to the times in our youth when we would spend the night at eachothers' houses and spend the entire night re-making music videos. I'm not talking your normal teenage, "Hey! Let's make up a DANCE ROUTINE and tape it!" music video. We had the wardrobe (my sister's shit), we spent three hours on our hair (thank you AquaNet and hair crimper), we had extras (my 6 year old brother), we had lighting effects (a single black light, and LOTS of neon green stuff), we had my mom's old-school video camera and... We had NOTHING better to do. We were fucking professionals.

When we saw this video, we were pissed, and instantly hated these nouns. Why? Because they were TOO good. Because these fucking nouns took shit to the NEXT LEVEL of awesome. Because we didn't do it FIRST. But then, we had an epiphany. These nouns are our soul mates... We realized that there truly ARE people out there as retarded as we are, and *tear* it gave us hope for the future of bung. We now know that we should all probably meet and go party (or make music videos.... it's whatever).

Ladies and Bungholes: the Dirty Dancing Parody Bloopers, by Two Chicks We Don't Know, But Would Like To Meet.

Until we bung again...


  1. We need to meet these bitches......and party with them. Fo sho.

  2. This. Is. HILARIOUS! You two are seriously something else, I wish I was half as cool as the two of you! haha I haven't laughed that hard in a while!