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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unfortunate Names

In my line of work, I continuously come across HIGH-larious names in our system's database. These are the names of ACTUAL people that happen to be our clients. Now, to protect my job, my company shall remain nameless.....but these unfortunate souls, however, will not.

Mark Butzlaff - when I came across this gentleman in our system, I butzlaffed my ass off.

Laura Buttram - I bet her husband buttrams her every night.

And today I came across Richard Waddell - I have to wonder if people call him Dick Wad for short??

Oh, and let's not forget Uday Dikshit - What did you call me?!? U da Dick Shit, homie!

There are also some stand-alone last names that are worth mentioning as well:


....and many more that I will document as I come across them. ENJOY!


  1. LOL your gals are a riot! :D

    thanks for visiting my blog, & welcome to my random world!


  2. HAHAHA this is hilarious!!! I LOVE your sense of humor! I'll be visiting this blog on a daily basis!
    PS...I used to do this all summer at my temp job at a mortgage company, it kept me sane in cubicle-land! I specifically remember laughing at a man named Doug D. Bates (debates) haha.

  3. ^^Yay!!!! Jess has a great 7th!! AND she understand my life in a cubicle!!!

    And by the way, we used to have a friend in high school with the last name Bates...and we used to refer to her as the Master....Master Bates. She hated it, but we thought it was efing hilarious!!!

  4. LMAO - you forgot the fuck life operator...what was his name?