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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ashleyisms and Melissofied Words

AND NOW, I would like to introduce you to a new section of the BB: Ashleyisms & Melissofied Words.

We've all been there....when you're telling a story or explaining something and there are literally just NO WORDS in our wonderful language to give the full effect of what you want to convey. Much like there is no other word to offer the same emphasis as the word "fuck," but I'll get into that in another blog. In times like this, there's just no other option other than to create your OWN word.

We pride ourselves on our creativity in adding to the English language. You may not find these words defined by Webster....but Webster just isn't as bad ass as we are. We will periodically update you with more Ashleyisms & Melissofied words as we encounter them. But here are a few to feed your bunger for the time being:

Retardosity - a state of being retarded, slow, or unintelligent
**Ex: She is so efing stupid, her retardosity radiates out her face.

Jackassish and Jackassishness - having jack ass qualities, acting in a jack ass manner
**Ex: That guy is such a d bag - he is the most jackassish guy I know. His jackassishness is out of control.

Awesomeosity / Awesomenessity - the act of owning one's awesomeness
**Ex: We are the coolest people I know. Our awesomeosity outranks all others. No one else has this level of awesomenessity.

Ridiculotarded - the act of being both ridiculous...and retarded.
**Ex: We were soooo wasted last night, it was ridiculotarded.

Until we bung again!

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