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Friday, March 6, 2009

Funky Fresh Friday: An Amendment to Thugged Out Thursday

So, I totally fuckin' missed Thugged Out Thursday, and I'll be honest - I feel bad about it. I mean, I know... I realize... that our faithful followers need to be BUNG-rushed on a daily basis. Therefore, today I bring you Funky Fresh Friday: Thugged Out Thursday... A Day Late.

To make it up to you, I've composed a little ditty - okay, a hard core, thugged out, midwest white-girl rap. So, grab your nearest co-worker and tell them to lay down a phat beat before you bitch slap 'em:

I'm sorry that I've lately been a BUNG Blog neglector
Just workin' stayin' busy, and my boss' name is Hector (that's true!)
Don't be talkin' shit, cuz I got a shit deflector
When I'm rollin' on the Turnpike, man, I'm payin' that Collector

With my ninja skills, bitch, I'm the mad protector
Even if you put a fence up, I'mma roll up on yo' sector
I'll build a Lego staircase, I gets down like a connector
Mutha fucka, I'm invisible, I'll creep in like a spector

When I gets drunk and crunk, yo I'm a vomit projector
Ya'll bitches exit stage right - I'm the fuckin' BUNG director.