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Friday, March 20, 2009

Real Life LOL...

Here it is, kids.... A real life tender moment, forever preserved in time:

A family laughing out loud about olives.

They probably put them back into the serving dish when they were done
fucking around with them. Remember that at your next holiday dinner.

And now, a few honorable mentions that I LOLed about:

Then what? Sunflower oil is made out of sunflowers?
Corn oil is made out of corn?
Vegetable oil is made from vegetables?
This shirt is fucking stupid.

But, unfortunately no one will love you because you wear faggoty shirts.

Bringing the hilarity back into pouring olive oil.


  1. HAHA sister would ALWAYS put olives on her fingers...and I do mean ALWAYS! She STILL does it haha! Good memories. I like this post :) especially the LOLives hahah!! You guys are so creative :)

    and thanks for the kind words on my blog about my bbal pics and poem, you're so sweet!! this is why I have a blog haha.