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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Kegerator

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday!
Today, we explore and pay homage to the evolution of the Kegerator.

For those of you who are unfamiliar and/or retarded,
Kegerator is a marriage of two words: Keg + Refrigerator. Figure it out, idiots.

See, Keg and Refrigerator had been making eyes at each other for years.
Keg was sick of his relationship with Icy Trashcan - she was always having meltdowns that left him lukewarm and flat the next morning. Fridge was fed up with her Cases of Beer, who always stayed so bottled up, and were always out of juice way too soon. Keg secretly wanted to get inside of Fridge, and Fridge was dying for someone to drill a hole into her and insert their spout.

* insert beer porn music here*

Now, the Kegerator came from modest beginnings,
as is evident from this fantastic redneck invention:

Slowly, Kegerator grew more sophisticaed,
and discovered a newfound attraction to fraternity guys.

Soon, she was opening her doors and flashing her tubes to any Tom, Dick, and Lucy.
Word spread, and everyone was doing her.

This classy young lady is shown proudly giving head to a Kegerator.
It's probably giving her plenty of "head" as well.

This school-minded college boy only has one glass to his name, and it's full of solidified milk.
No sense creating more dirty dishes than is absolutely necessary.

A Kegerator with choices: Because you're the only cheap fuck that likes Natty Light.

This proud Kegerator owner enjoys beer as much as he enjoys playing with balls.

Rocket scientists who love broskies. I've got news for you, nerds:
Your fancy ass Kegerator will be rendered useless
the first time Delbert gets wasted and blows chunks on the keyboard.

Thirsty? Saunter over to your nearest Kegerator, and give its shaft a little tug.
Cups optional.