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Friday, March 6, 2009

My so LOLled Life...

LOLs are amazing. They most ofen stand alone to announce to the world that we are 1) probably lying about the fact that we laughing out loud while we are typing, and 2) that we are lazy as shit because we can't even type out "laughing out loud" anymore to express our utmost joy.

BUT... LOLs are also included in some really great words, just as they are included in real life.

It hit us. I bet someone out there has laughed out loud while actually IN THE ACT of doing a LOL-included word!

Here at The Bung Blog, we vow to search the world over (aka do a Google search) to bring these LOL words to life for you, by presenting you with visual evidence that LOLs do in fact happen.

Today's LOLification: sLOLom.

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