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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True Story Tuesday: The Lake Ninja

There should definitely be more true-life stories about Ninjas. My bestie and I both think so. Fortunately, we both have our own.

In this story my husband is actually the Ninja, which makes me a very proud wife.

This occurred in the wee hours of the morning, one drunken summer night at our favorite local lake. After a steady intake of Keystone Light for approximately 12 hours, my hubby and a small group of our drunken lake friends who were not yet passed out decided they needed to get something out of the boat house. When they got to the boat house, they realized that one of the drunkard's parents were in there sleeping.

"Dammit!" one drunk-ass exclaimed in a whisper that was almost louder than regular speech, "Now we can't get in there to get that shit!"

"Hey," my husband drunk-whispered back. "I GOT this! I'm jus' gonna sneak in there an' get it. I got this.... I'm a fucking ninja."

The fucking ninja then proceeded to enter the boat house with elephant-like reflexes, knocking over only a few random items which rattled to the floor, waking up the parents. Upon successful completion of the mission, he extricated himself from the boat house with the item.

"See? I told you... I'm a fucking ninja."

To all you ninjas out there... Keep on keepin' on.

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