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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

True Story Tuesday: Ninja Edition

Since it's been an entire week since we blogged, we thought we'd throw a couple more TRUE STORIES your way to feed your bunger. Since we're ninja and all, we'll each share a ninja story.

My story takes place the night of the infamous "knee cancer." I was at a Widespread Panic concert in June of 2006. The booze was flowing, to say the least. Our group of 4 consumed 2 bottles of rum & too many beers to count while tailgating preshow. Once inside the gates, we ran into some friends from my home town and decided to kick it with them throughout the show.

Trying to keep up with the boys, I found myself drinking at their pace, but getting much more drunk. I was nearly kicked out for using my "forbidden" camera that I snuk in. As a compromise, the security guard let me stay in exchange for confiscating my camera. The booze kept flowing and we all kept dancing. At one point, I stood on my seat so I could see better. I kept dancing tho. Not a bright idea. Next thing I know, I'm falling into the next row of people and busted my knee open (hence the "knee cancer"). By the time I stood up, there was blood all down my leg from knee to ankle. My friends begged me to go to the infirmary, but I did not want to miss the concert. Eventually, they went without me and brought back alcohol swabs and bandages. They cleaned me up and bandaged my knee, against my will. Something about having battle scars from concerts makes me feel ninja. So as soon as they were finished bandaging my wound, I notoriously ripped the bandage from my knee and exclaimed "I'm a NINJA!"

And that, my friends, is a true story.

As a brief follow-up, we had our annual lake party just days later. My knee ended up getting infected from swimming in dirty lake water. It took months to heal and left a brutal scar, which is why we refer to any injury that lasts more than a month as cancer. I realize it is not funny to joke about cancer, and karma will one day prove that to me.

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  1. hey ashley, sorry for my lame photo, its my bitchy friends fault