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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UnBUNG Heros: Black History Month Edition

And now....

PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER (**"We want Eazy!"**)

...for the first EVER Black History Month Edition of UnBUNG Heros!!!

Give it up for

EAZY **mutha fuckin** E!!!!

Not only do we a lot in common with this OG - I mean, we're 2 Hard Mutha's (track #4 off his debut solo album "Eazy Duz It"), but he was also the inspiration (and thumpin bass) of many summer nights.

Imma break it dwn justa tell a little story
Straight of the box from the gangsta category...

See, being small town girls, there's not lot for 16-year-old girls to do other than a casual drive by here and there. And "drive by" is not to be taken lightly. We did this shit OG stylee - doo rags in place, bumpin new shit by NWA (or Eazy solo stylee), and with the Mac 10's on the sides of our hips.....okay, so they were Super Soaker 200's, but you catch the drift.

Our summer nights (circa 1995 - 1997) were spent running a muk & doing drive by's all over E-Town (E as in Emporia, KS). We tore that town up, shooting runners, cyclists, little kids, other cars, pedestrians, motorcyclists, you name it. We would take extra amo (a few 2 liters of water) and would often have to stop at the nearest Taco Bell to reload.

Before long, the H2O Mafia was in full effect! We were hittin the town nightly, armed with water guns and some Eazy E cassette tapes. In a town that offered little for teens to do at night, we made our own fun.

Our shootings received a number of reactions, from shock to laughter, enjoyment to anger. On hot summer nights, runners often welcomed a nice cool blast of water. They would smile and wave to show their gratitude. We once had a couple of small children "hit the deck" as if they thought we were actually shooting at them. Other packs of school age kids would try to chase us down. And speaking of being chased down, we had several close calls with other motor vehicles. In retrospect, aiming your water gun at the rolled-down window of a minivan and shooting the driver in the face on the busiest street in town was probably not the smartest or safest thing to do. But at the time, it was funny. And looking back, since no one ever got hurt or in a's still pretty damn funny.

During our "thug days" of water gun drive-by's, we could always be found with a doo rag on the head, Eazy E on the radio (I'm.On.The.Radio.), screaming "nobody move, nobody get hurt!" We were the Girlz in the Hood and for all those fuckers Still Talkin Shit, just remember who the Ruthless Villians were.

So now, for all the found memories of sticking our heads out the window to say what's up, we salute you Eazy E, as an official UnBUNG Hero!

**This text color denotes Eazy E song titles and/or lyrics**


  1. funny blog, I lived in Topeka for 3 years, KS is cool

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this post was fucken retarded. Sorry :(

  3. Okay, first of all to that asss hole potato pancakes, If you can't say something nice shut the fuck up! (oh that wasn't nice was it... To bad!)

    Now I think that was a funny post just remember this is your blog and you do with it what you want!

  4. Greg - thank you!
    Ken - you're the shit, basically.
    Potato Pancakes - Thanks for your comment. You're entitled to your opinion, of course. But, if you're going to call someone retarded, make sure you spell "fuckin'" correctly.