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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UnBUNG Hero - Black History Month Part II: Snoop Dogg

It brings me great (b)un(g)dying pleasure to introduce you to another Black History Month Edition of UnBUNG Heros. With so much drama in the B.L.O.G., it's kinda hard bein'


But I, somehow someway keep comin' up with funky ass blogs nearly every single day....

We first became fans of this OG circa 1993 with the release of the album Doggystyle. This is still one of my all time favorite albums to this very day. This was such an influential album on our lives. This was back in the day when we had the jack off hour with DJ Eeeeeeeeeeeazy Dick. This was when "Everybody's got to hear the shit on W Ballz! W Ballz! W Ballz!!!!!!!" This is when Snoop taught us how to be mutha fuckin hustlas, ya bettah ax somebody!

With tracks like Gin & Juice, Tha Shiznit, Lodi Dodi, What's My Name, and For All My Niggaz And Bitches (wave your mutha fuckin hands in the air....cuz if you don't give a fuck, then we don't give a fuck, so wave your mutha fuckin hands in the aaaaaaair!) we were fully prepared to thug out on the town. It was a Doggy Dogg World and we were just livin' in it. And back in our water gun drive-by days, you could always find us listening to Gz And Hustlas and of course, Pump Pump!!!

Snoop was our UnBUNG Hero long before his E! Show FatherHood came out. He was our UnBUNG Hero long before he partnered with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, or Charlie Wilson. Snoop was our UnBUNG hero back when he was working with Dre. Snoop touched our bungy hearts long ago and continues to awe us to this very day.

So now, I gladly introduce you to our featured UnBUNG Hero:


**This text color denotes Snoop song titles, lyrics, and album titles.**

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