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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WTF Wednesday!

Welcome to a new edition of The Bung Blog - WTF Wednesday, where we provide you with stories, pictures, video, and/or gossip that makes us say WTF??

First off, has everyone heard about the chimp that mauled his owner's friend? This is a chimp that has been raised like a human being - he logs onto the internet, he watches tv with a remote, and drinks wine from a stemmed glass. But on Monday, something caused the chimp to go ape shit - literally, as he tore the face off his owner's friend. Investigators are unsure if the cause of the rampage was due to the chimp's lime disease, a reaction to Xanax that was given to him by his owner earlier in the day, or if it was just an animalistic instinct.

Um, HELLO, WTF are you giving your pet chimp Xanax for?!? I mean, I thought the wine was a bit extreme - but Xanax? The owner of the chimp not only saw her friend's face torn off, but she eventually stabbed her beloved pet with a butcher knife to get him off her friend, before finally calling 911 and then watching her pet be shot by police. Talk about traumatizing. Doesn't sound like the Xanax was worth all that.... For more info:
I must say, this story makes me go WTF??

Next, we would like to share this bang off pic:

If THAT doesn't make you say WTF, then I just don't know what will.

And last, but certainly not least, WTF is up with Rihanna still being in love with Chris Brown after he beat the crap out of her AND caused her to miss the Grammys?!

There you have it, folks. Thanks for tuning in to our first edition of WTF Wednesday!


  1. But look at Rihanna's earrings. I think she wore those as self-defense back-up. Just in case he tries to knock her around again, she can take her earring off and fish hook his ass!

  2. all I have to say about the Rhianna thing is...what a bung bitch!

    The least we know now that xanax for monkeys is like catnip for kitty's

  3. haha where do you guys FIND this stuff?!!? I love it.

    and just so you know, I'M SO PSYCHED about the seal of approval!! that just made my day it's so cool!! haha! You guys are definitely one of my top blogs to read regularly because it always brightens my day! I do love to laugh, hence, I love your blog. the end! yaaaay